Baus Eyewear, A Wise Choice!

Baus eyewear has been serving the eye care industry with high-quality frames and sunglasses since 2012. We have invested heavily in world-class machinery and automation for the manufacturing of our eyewear. With the wide variety of selections from our brands, including Baus Exclusive, Baus Elegance, Baus Vintage, Baus Flex, Baus Kids, Baus Clip, and Baus Sunglasses, our focus is to bring quality and style to your customers. As we embark on our 10th year in the Canadian marketplace, we have added Baus Rx Lab to our portfolio. Baus Rx Lab offers Polaris premium optical lenses for your customers.

Baus Factory

The family-owned factory started in 2003 and is located nearby Hong Kong. We have an experienced design team and produce high-quality metal, acetate, and titanium stylish frames.

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